Typhoon 200425 (MUIFA) Typhoon Name = (MUIFA) : Plum blossom [Macao]


Typhoon MUIFA gave a destructive impact on Vietnam. Floods and landslides by the typhoon killed about 40 people and 40 more people are still missing. There are also many villages in the mountains which need urgent relief but cannot be reached. Hoi An, which is the town of world heritage, was hit by the flood, and more than 80 old houses are in danger of collapse.


Typhoon MUIFA passed near Vietnam and moving across Gulf of Thailand toward Malay Peninsula. If this typhoon keeps its westward track and passes the 100E line, it transforms itself from "Typhoon" MUIFA to "Cyclone" MUIFA. We have as few as 6 transformed typhoons in more than 50 years, and it is still not clear whether Typhoon MUIFA can keep its intensity until that point.


Typhoon MUIFA is still a small typhoon, but is moving slowly across South China Sea to become a long-life typhoon. Tomorrow it will draw near to the southern part of Vietnam, Ho-Chi-Minh, and then is forecast to reach as far as Malay Peninsula.


Typhoon MUIFA was wandering around for a few days off the coast of Philippines, but it finally decided its way toward west, and move across Luzon and Mindoro Island toward South China Sea. It is reported that a few people were killed and more people are missing in Philippines.


Typhoon MUIFA started deepening while wandering off the coast of Philippines. It seems that the typhoon already started to affect the southeast part of Philippines.


Typhoon MUIFA was born off the east coast of Leyte Island, Philippines. Forecast at this moment seems to be yet uncertain. By the way, typhoons in 2004 showed the tendency of coming to Japan, so there are still no typhoons that made landfall on Philippines (including typhoons that passed near Philippines with strong intensity, there were just two typhoons, Typhoon 200402 and Typhoon 200407. Up to now, this is the year of less typhoons in Phillipines, which is opposite to the year in Japan.


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