Typhoon 200723 (MITAG) Typhoon Name = (MITAG) : Yap woman's name; "My eyes" [Micronesia]

2007-11-27 22:30 JST

Typhoon MITAG crossed the northern part of Luzon Island, and is wandering around in south of Okinawa going north and south, showing a complex track to the end of the life. The death toll of this typhoon seems to be reached 12 in Philippines. This typhoon has already weakened, but the difference of pressure between the high pressure system at China Mainland is so large that strong winds are blowing in Okinawa Region; especially at Yonaguni Island, nearly 20m/s of winds have been observed for the whole day. The rainfall (AMeRAS on Google Maps )is also increasing in Yaeyama Islands, in particular at Hateruma Island.

2007-11-25 22:30 JST

Typhoon MITAG was almost stationary on the ocean in east of Philippines, but it started to move northwest now, and is going to make landfall at the northern part of Luzon Island soon. The typhoon is gradually weakening, and will weaken more after making landfall.

2007-11-23 17:00 JST

Typhoon MITAG and Typhoon HAGIBIS are wandering around, and the relationship between two typhoons is getting more and more complex. According to the current forecast, Typhoon MITAG will first pass across the northern part of Philippines from southeast to northwest, and next Typhoon HAGIBIS will draw near to Philippines from west. In any case, two typhoons may come very close each other, and in this case, two typhoons show complex behavior. At the time of writing, Typhoon MITAG is stronger than Typhoon HAGIBIS, which suggests that the latter may be affected by the former.

2007-11-22 20:30 JST

Typhoon MITAG is gradually changing its forecast track toward north. If the typhoon is going to move in the middle of forecast circles, it is uncertain that it makes landfall at Philippines, or it may move along the east coast of Philippines. This change is not a relief for Philippines, however, because Typhoon HAGIBIS is likely to turn backward and may approach to Philippines.

2007-11-20 23:30 JST

Typhoon MITAG was formed in east of Philippines. This typhoon is going to move west and Philippines will be affected by the typhoon.

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