Typhoon 200424 (NOCK-TEN) Typhoon Name = (NOCK-TEN) : Bird [Laos]


Typhoon NOCK-TEN is moving along the east coast of Taiwan. It already passed its peak intensity, but still has very active clouds to bring heavy rainfall over Yonaguni-jima and Yaeyama. According to the forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency, it will turn its track to eastward and get back to Okinawa from East China Sea.


Typhoon NOCK-TEN is forecast, by Japan Meteorological Agency, to turn its track between Taiwan and Sakishima Islands. This year has seen some typhoons that made a sharp turn around Okinawa, such as Typhoon 200421. The forecast of this typhoon is still uncertain at this moment, but at least Taiwan will be affected by Typhoon NOCK-TEN (納坦).


Typhoon NOCK-TEN is still small-sized but has intensified to have the clear, bright eye.


Typhoon NOCK-TEN is moving northwestward in the middle of Pacific Ocean.


Typhoon NOCK-TEN is passing near Guam. This typhoon is likely to evolve into a middle-sized sharp typhoon rather than a gigantic typhoon as Tyohoon TOKAGE. It is forecast to follow almost the same track as Typhoon TOKAGE for the time being, according to the forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency.


Typhoon NOCK-TEN is still small, but its eye is getting visible.


Typhoon NOCK-TEN is deepening slowly.


Typhoon NOCK-TEN was born in northeast of Truck Islands in Micronesia.


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