Typhoon 200513 (TALIM) Typhoon Name = (TALIM) : Sharp or cutting edge [Philippines]


Typhoon TALIM has passed through Okinawa and Taiwan, and is going to make landfall in China. Luckily enough, the damage of the typhoon has not magnified in those areas. As expected, the high mountains of Taiwan was troublesome for the typhoon, and it was forced to move southward to dodge mountains, resulted in significant weakening.


Typhoon TALIM is expanding its area of 50kt winds or more and moving slowly near Sakishima Islands, so strong winds and heavy rains is going on for a long period in that area. The maximum wind gust of 59.1m/s was recorded at Ishigaki city, and 56.1m/s at Yonaguni town.


Typhoon TALIM may have passed its peak, but still keeps its strong intensity with the clearly visible eye. This typhoon is going to draw near to Sakishima Islands, and Ishigakijima and Yonagunijima region is going to enter its area of 50kt winds or more. Afterwards it is forecast to make landfall at Taiwan with a similar intensity to Typhoon HAITANG.


Typhoon TALIM can be described as an "elite typhoon." It has been intensifying smoothly without obstacles since its birth. It is still unknown when the peak of the typhoon will be, but according to the forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency, it will hit directly or pass near Sakishima Islands and Taiwan during a period around the peak of the typhoon.


Typhoon TALIM has been deepening very smoothly in a steady speed since it was born, and today the eye is getting visible. This might indicate that this is a suitable size and shape for the deepening of a typhoon.


Typhoon TALIM is keeping steady intensification, and the shape of clouds is getting well organized. The forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency was upwardly revised, and this typhoon is expected to keep intensification for the moment.


Typhoon TALIM was born in Mariana Islands. According to the forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency, the typhoon is heading toward Taiwan or Okinawa, and the intensification is relatively moderate. The forecast changes from time to time, however, so please watch carefully the subsequent typhoon information.


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