Typhoon 200512 (GUCHOL) Typhoon Name = (GUCHOL) : Yapese word for the spice turmeric [Micronesia]


Typhoon GUCHOL has passed 40 degree latitude, and still tenaciously live as a typhoon. This, however, is virtually lost from people's memory as they focus more on Typhoon MAWAR that might make landfall on Japan today.


Typhoon GUCHOL is receiving much attention in terms of its possible effect on the motion of Typhoon MAWAR. This typhoon is still in a premature stage, but it gradually shows the tendency of intensification. If it keeps its intensification process further, it may change the phase of the forecast.


Typhoon GUCHOL was born in west of Minami-torishima Island. This typhoon is very close to Typhoon MAWAR, which is located just close in the west. So the motion and the intensification of these typhoons may be affected by an interference between two typhoons (Reference: Fujiwara Effect).

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