Typhoon 200417 (AERE) Typhoon Name = (AERE) : A storm [USA]


Typhoon AERE moved so slow that Sakishima Islands stayed within the area of very strong winds for about two days. The affect of the typhoon is also severe in Taiwan all over the country. Economic activities have been halted for two days in Taipei, and torrential rain as much as 1,500 mm was recorded in mountainous areas that were severely damaged by Typhoon MINDULLE. This typhoon took an unusual track compared to many past typhoons approaching to Taiwan; that is, it approached to Taiwan from the northeast and turned around to reach the west coast. Its slow speed further increased the affect of the typhoon.


Typhoon AERE has passed near Hirakubo Point of Ishigaki Island. The maximum gusts of 56m/s was recorded at Ishigaki Island.


Typhoon AERE is forecast to draw near to Sakishima Islands and then move to Taiwan. A news article points out the possibility of Fujiwara effect that, due to the effect of Typhoon CHABA, Typhoon AERE may move southward and will draw closer to Taiwan.


Typhoon AERE is moving toward Sakishima Islands, Okinawa. The effect of the typhoon will be more apparaent tomorrow.


In the Pacific Ocean, there are two typhoons, Typhoon CHABA and Typhoon AERE. Two typhoons are intensifying along similar trends, and their distance is getting shorter with moving westward. The forecast says they keep developing for the time being, so the evolution of two typhoons needs to be watched.


Typhoon AERE was born in east of Philippines. There is Typhoon CHABA in its east moving westward. The forecast of track and intensification of these two typhoons should be paid attention. By the way, 17 typhoon formations as of August 20 is the fastest pace since 1981.

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