Typhoon 200814 (HAGUPIT) Typhoon Name = (HAGUPIT) : Lash; flog [Philippines]

2008-09-29 12:30 JST

Typhoon HAGUPIT has caused floodings and landslides in northern Vietnam, and it is reported that 32 people were killed at this moment. On the other hand, economic loss in China has increased for collapsed buildings, damaged farmland, and others, but it is reported that 13 people were killed, which suggests that the human loss was small for the very strong intensity of the typhoon,

2008-09-24 22:45 JST

Typhoon HAGUPIT made landfall at Guangdong Province in China at 6:45 AM (local time), and the impact of the typhoon is extensive in this region. It was reported that three people were killed and two people are missing, but considering the strongest intensity of the typhoon in this area for more than a decade, there is fear that the damage might be more severe than already reported.

2008-09-23 18:30 JST

Typhoon HAGUPIT has reached its peak intensity, and developed to a typhoon that covers all of northern part of South China Sea. This typhoon is now moving westward, so the area of 50kt winds or more may graze Hong Kong and its neighborhood, but the western part of Guangdong Province, in particular, such as Leizhou Peninsula and Hainan Island, will be directly hit and severely affected by the typhoon. The typhoon will then make landfall and gradually weaken, but its active rainy clouds may bring about heavy rains in the northern and central Vietnam.

2008-09-22 19:30 JST

Typhoon HAGUPIT has increased its speed of intensification today. It is now moving westward through Luzon Strait, and the northern part of Luzon Island is within the area of 50kt winds or more. The image below shows that a big eye is visible, and the typhoon has grown to become a large typhoon. This is forecast to reach the peak intensity in South China Sea, and the peak intensity is very strong for this region, so China and Vietnam, which is expected to hit by the typhoon, needs special attention for this typhoon.

2008-09-19 23:00 JST

Typhoon HAGUPIT was formed in east of Philippines. This typhoon seems to have extremely well-developed clouds at the center. The status of the ocean and the atmosphere and the size of the cloud core suggests good conditions for intensification, so it needs to be watched seriously.

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