Typhoon 201112 (TALAS) Typhoon Name = (TALAS) : Sharpness; acuteness [Philippines]

2011-09-02 21:00 JST

Typhoon TALAS is located in south of Shikoku, and still moving slowly toward north. Weather radar image shows that heavy rains have started in the southeast of Shikoku, east coast of Kii Peninsula and mountainous areas of Tokai Region. AMeDAS wind maps shows that winds are stronger in the east side of the typhoon, and a place such as Tsu (Mie Prefecture) already observed strong winds comparable to storm-force wind. Tonight areas between Shikoku and Kinki regions will enter into the storm-force wind area with stronger rains and winds.

2011-08-26 22:00 JST

Typhoon TALAS is located in south of Japan and slowly moving northward. This typhoon may approach to Ogasawara Islands in a few days. In the western side of Pacific Ocean, Typhoon NANMADOL is also moving north, so we need to watch the movements of two typhoons.

2011-08-25 14:30 JST

Typhoon TALAS was formed in Mariana Islands. The clouds of this typhoon are biased toward south, and the center does not have well-developed clouds yet. We need to pay attention to how this typhoon will gather clouds near the center. Another point is that distance from Typhoon NANMADOL is not so far, so those two typhoons may affect each other in the future.

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