Typhoon 200509 (MATSA) Typhoon Name = (MATSA) : Lady fish [Laos]


Typhoon MATSA made landfall near Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The typhoon weakened before making lanfall, so it is not as strong as Typhoon 200413 any more, but people started evacuation in Zhejiang province to prepare for the typhoon. Shanghai is still far from the center of the typhoon.


Typhoon MATSA has thick clouds in the east and the south, so the wind is stronger after the passing of the typhoon. The maximum gust of 50.4m/s was recorded at Ishigaki Island around 2:00 JST, and 40.9m/s was recorded at Iriomote Island around 3:00 JST, which was several hours after the passing of the typhoon. It is still in the trend of intensification, and the speed is relatively slow, so Sakishima Islands have been within the area of 50kt winds or more for the long period of time. For the moment that area will be suffered from strong winds and heavy rains.


Typhoon MATSA passed very close to Ishigaki Island around 18:00 - 19:00 JST. Clouds of the typhoon show better organized rounded shape than this morning. The current intensity and the track forecast of the typhoon reminds me of Typhoon 200413, which made landfall on China at its maximum intensity, and resulted in severe disasters in Zhejiang Province.


Typhoon MATSA's outer cloud bands are covering over Ishigaki, Iriomote, and Yonaguni Island. The core clouds are gathering into a rounded shape, and the eye may become visible in the future. According to the forecast, the typhoon will directly hit Ishigaki Island this evening.


Typhoon MATSA is now approaching Sakishima Islands, and those areas are now within the area of strong winds. The typhoon is forecast to strike most likely between Ishigaki and Iriomote Island.


The database recovered after 16:00 today. The update of typhoon information has been stopped for about two days, and the typhoon data is corrupted as you can see on the typhoon tracking map or the time-series graph of central pressure. The site is now operated using typhoon information obtained from another source (Ohio State University) than Japan Meteorological Agency.


As of 7:00 AM JST, the Website of Japan Meteorological Agency still does not work properly, so the update of typhoon information is still halted. Please be aware that the current information on the top page and the RSS is a little outdated.


Later in the afternoon, Japan Meteorological Agency started the renewal of its Website, and that caused the dropping of typhoon data again. The renewal gives only a minor effect on our site, but its design may raise arguments for and against the usability of the Website.


Typhoon MATSA was born in east of Philippines. According to forecasts, this typhoon is heading north toward Okinawa or Taiwan, and it is difficult to predict to which degree the typhoon will deepen in the future. And, not again, but the birth of this typhoon is recorded as three hours behind the correct time. To tackle with the problem, I modified the program to prevent the mistake of this kind.


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