1. Typhoon News Weblog 2005

"Typhoon News Weblog" is a specialized blog that aims to summarize various typhoon-related information such as narattives, meteorological references such as satellite images, links to other web sites, and the meaning of typhoon names. At the same time, automatic summarization of mass media news are also provided at Typhoon News Topics. And meteorological satellite images introduced in the weblog are listed in Typhoon Wallpaper Images.

Summary of Typhoons in 2005 2005-12-31
The number of typhoons in the year 2005 was 23, much smaller than the average number of 27. The number of typhoons making landfall on Japan was 3, which is nearly average (2.6). Generally speaking, t...[More..]
Typhoon 200523 (BOLAVEN) 2005-11-16
Typhoon BOLAVEN was born in east of Philippines. It is forecast to keep a slow motion toward Philippines. It may also intensify a little in the near future. [More..]
Typhoon 200522 (TEMBIN) 2005-11-10
Typhoon TEMBIN was born in east of Philippines. Then it made landfall at Philippines, but its intensity is still weak. [More..]
Typhoon 200521 (KAI-TAK) 2005-11-02
Typhoon KAI-TAK has already weakened, and is moving along the coast of central Vietnam almost making landfall. Areas such as Hue and Danang was severely affected by the typhoon, and it is reported th...[More..]
Typhoon 200520 (KIROGI) 2005-10-18
Looking at the typhoon best track of this season, typhoons tend to pass similar areas multiple times. For example, the area between Sakishima Islands, Okinawa and Taiwan has been repeatedly visited b...[More..]
Typhoon 200519 (LONGWANG) 2005-10-03
Typhoon LONGWANG has traversed Taiwan to weaken, and later made landfall at Fujian Province, China. No large-scale damage by the typhoon has been reported at this moment. [More..]
Typhoon 200518 (DAMREY) 2005-09-29
The damage by Typhoon DAMREY at places in Asia is increasing as we receive latest information. The most damaged country seems to be Vietnam, where the number of people killed is more than 50, and the...[More..]
Typhoon 200517 (SAOLA) 2005-09-25
Typhoon SAOLA has passed near Hachijo-jima just after 6:00 AM. The maximum gust of 52.7m/s was recorded at Hachijo-jima, the rainfall of 300mm+ was recorded at Mikura-jima, and the southern part of I...[More..]
Typhoon 200516 (VICENTE) 2005-09-16
Typhoon VICENTE was born in South China Sea. This typhoon is forecast to make landfall between the central and the northern Vietnam. Typhoons born around here are usually not going to be strong, but ...[More..]
Typhoon 200515 (KHANUN) 2005-09-13
Typhoon KHANUN made landfall at China, and later weakened to transform into an extratropical cyclone. The damage in China is large - 14 people were killed and nine people are still missing. In recent...[More..]
Typhoon 200514 (NABI) 2005-09-07
Typhoon NABI is weakening and moving across Japan Sea. Hokkaido, in front of the direction of the typhoon, is heavily raining today, but it is expected that the strong winds of the typhoon will not b...[More..]
Typhoon 200513 (TALIM) 2005-09-01
Typhoon TALIM has passed through Okinawa and Taiwan, and is going to make landfall in China. Luckily enough, the damage of the typhoon has not magnified in those areas. As expected, the high mountain...[More..]
Typhoon 200512 (GUCHOL) 2005-08-25
Typhoon GUCHOL has passed 40 degree latitude, and still tenaciously live as a typhoon. This, however, is virtually lost from people's memory as they focus more on Typhoon MAWAR that might make landfa...[More..]
Typhoon 200511 (MAWAR) 2005-08-26
Typhoon MAWAR grazed Izu Peninsula, passed Miura Peninsula, moved along Tokyo Bay, and finally made landfall near Chiba City. Then it went through Chiba Prefecture and Ibaraki Prefecture, and is now ...[More..]
Typhoon 200510 (SANVU) 2005-08-13
Typhoon SANVU will soon make landfall near Shantou in Guangdong Province, China. For your information, the update of satellite images has been stopped due to the trouble (?) of the data provider. [More..]
Typhoon 200509 (MATSA) 2005-08-06
Typhoon MATSA made landfall near Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The typhoon weakened before making lanfall, so it is not as strong as Typhoon 200413 any more, but people started evacuation in Zhe...[More..]
Typhoon 200508 (WASHI) 2005-07-29
Typhoon WASHI was born in north of South China Sea. It will soon make landfall at Hainan Island, and move across the Gulf of Tongking to the northern Vietnam. It is forecast to keep its current inten...[More..]
Typhoon 200507 (BANYAN) 2005-07-26
Typhoon BANYAN just made landfall near Kamogawa City in Boso Peninsula, according to Japan Meteorological Agency. This seems to be just a barely landfall, but in any case, this typhoon became the fir...[More..]
Typhoon 200506 (NALGAE) 2005-07-21
Typhoon NALGAE was born near Wake Island. The typhoon will not give direct impact on Japan. [More..]
Typhoon 200505 (HAITANG) 2005-07-19
Typhoon HAITANG spent a full day to move across Taiwan. Taiwan is a very steep island and its center is a row of mountains whose altitude are more than 4000 meters. It is a situation that obstacles o...[More..]
Typhoon 200504 (NESAT) 2005-6-10
Kanto and Koshin Regions have officially entered into the "rainy season" or Tsuyu due to the northward movement of Typhoon NESAT. The typhoon itself has weakened significantly and thick clouds around...[More..]
Typhoon 200503 (SONCA) 2005-4-27
Typhoon SONCA is now passing in south of Chichi-jima, Ogasawara. It has already weakened, so its effect may be limited. It seems, however, that Ogasawara has entered into the typhoon season in as ear...[More..]
Typhoon 200502 (ROKE) 2005-4-27
The time of death of Typhoon ROKE is March 18, 2005, 00:00 UTC, according to the interim report of Japan Meteorological Agency. In this database, however, it is displayed as March 17, 2005, 21:00 UTC...[More..]
2005 Cyclone INGRID 2005-3-16
Cyclone INGRID survives to the last moment. It has weakened to the central pressure of 968hPa (Category 3), but its cloud system is still well organized. The track so far has been relatively close to...[More..]
2005 Cyclone MEENA 2005-2-6
Southern hemisphere is now in the middle of the cyclone season. Cyclone MEENA is now deepening rapidly while passing across American Samoa, and if it keeps its southward direction, it will draw near ...[More..]
Typhoon 200501 (KULAP) 2005-1-18
Typhoon KULAP is overwhelmed by the cold air flowing from Siberia through Japan to the Pacific Ocean, and pushed to move toward northeast. Cell clouds present to the north and northwest of the typhoo...[More..]