Typhoon 200503 (SONCA) Typhoon Name = (SONCA) : A singing bird [Viet Nam]


Typhoon SONCA is now passing in south of Chichi-jima, Ogasawara. It has already weakened, so its effect may be limited. It seems, however, that Ogasawara has entered into the typhoon season in as early as April. Typhoons that have passed near Ogasawara can be searched from Search by Place (Latitude / Longitude), and the result shows that there were a few typhoons passing near Ogasawara in April.


Typhoon SONCA has further intensified in east of Philippines, and is getting similar to the last year's Typhoon SUDAL in terms of the time of year, intensity and track (cloud shape is a little different, however). According to the track forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency, this typhoon is expected to move a similar track to Typhoon SUDAL, and will draw near to Ogasawara Islands.


Typhoon SONCA is intensifying steadily, and an area like the eye is becoming visible today.


Typhoon SONCA was born in east of Philippines. The formation of third typhoon at this time of year hasn't been recorded since 1982.


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