Typhoon 200408 (TINGTING) Typhoon Name = (TINGTING) : Name of young girl [Hong Kong]


Typhoon TINGTING is now approaching to Ogasawara Islands. According to AMeDAS data at Chichi-jima (Ogasawara), the barometric pressure is dropping down, and the wind speed is increasing. It seems that the island is now suffering from strong rains and winds.


Typhoon TINGTING left Mariana Islands with damage on Guam and Saipan, and is expected to move close to Iwo Jima and Ogasawara. The typhoon still shows the tendency of intensification.


The torrential rain brought by Typhoon TINGTING was record-breaking, and daily rainfall exceeded 400mm, which is greater than the previous record of some places. This heavy rain hence caused flooding and mudslides over most of Guam. This typhoon still keeps intensifying, and is going to hit northern Mariana Islands.


Typhoon TINGTING was born in north of Truk Islands. It is moving westward together with Typhoon MINDULLE, and their movement should be paid attention. By the way, this is the fifth typhoon in June, and this number, five generations, is the maximum record of monthly generation, exceeding the previous record of four generations in June (3 times) since 1951.


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