Typhoon 200518 (DAMREY) Typhoon Name = (DAMREY) : Elephant [Cambodia]


The damage by Typhoon DAMREY at places in Asia is increasing as we receive latest information. The most damaged country seems to be Vietnam, where the number of people killed is more than 50, and the death toll in China, Philippines and Thailand exceeded 35.


Typhoon DAMREY made landfall at Hainan Island, China, and caused large-scale damage with 16 people being killed. Some evaluates that this typhoon is the strongest typhoon in 30 years among typhoons that approached Hainan Island. It weakened a little after making landfall, but it did not lose its intensity totally, so after making landfall at Vietnam, it again caused damage including the breach of (sea) dykes. Laos and Thailand is also going to have heavy rainfall as the typhoon moves westward.


Typhoon DAMREY is getting better organized with its thick clouds well concentrated in the center. The eye is also getting visible, and it is intensifying into a relatively strong typhoon in this area. Keeping its current track, it is possible to make landfall at Hainan Island, China, and then forecast to move to the northern part of Vietnam.


Typhoon DAMREY is going to enter South China Sea. It is forecast to move toward Guangdong Province and Hainan Island in China. By the way, this typhoon has started the second round of the list of Asian names of typhoons (supplemental information on relationship between Asian names of typhoons and the number of typhoons). As you can see in the list of Typhoon DAMREY, we will see typhoon names that have already been used in the past.


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