Typhoon 200515 (KHANUN) Typhoon Name = (KHANUN) : Thai fruit (Jackfruit) [Thailand]


Typhoon KHANUN made landfall at China, and later weakened to transform into an extratropical cyclone. The damage in China is large - 14 people were killed and nine people are still missing. In recent years, it is reported that the damage of typhoons is becoming worse in China, and this may indicate that typhoons tend to keep strong intensity until just before reaching land, in the same sense as the repeated attacks of strong typhoons that we suffered in Japan last year.


Typhoon KHANUN is approaching to China, and expected to make landfall at Zhejiang Province around this evening, and may draw near to Shanghai later. The small eye like a pinhole is still visible, and it seems strong winds and heavy rains are concentrated in the center.


Typhoon KHANUN got Miyako and Ishigaki into the area of 50-kt wind, and has deepened enough to have the small and sharp eye. Later the typhoon passed through near Tarama Island.


Typhoon KHANUN is approaching to Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island. These islands are entering into the area of 30kt wind, and likely to enter into the area of 50kt wind. This is not a large typhoon, but well-developed clouds are observed in the center.


Typhoon KHANUN was born in east of Phillipines. According to Japan Meteorological Agency, it is forecast to move toward Okinawa or Taiwan.


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