Typhoon 201117 (NESAT) Typhoon Name = (NESAT) : Fishing [Cambodia]

2011-09-27 12:15 JST

Typhoon NESAT made landfall in the north of Luzon Island, Philippines, while keeping intensification. The strong winds of the typhoon is expected in this region, however, another concern is thick rainy clouds extending to the south, covering as far as Manila. This heavy rain may affect many places of Luzon from now.

2011-09-24 11:00 JST

Typhoon NESAT was formed in east of Philippines. This typhoon is forecast to move westward for the moment. This typhoon will not see any lands for a few days, but it has potential to intensify in the near future, so it is better to keep attention on this typhoon. Typhoons are recently formed in a row, but the number of typhoons is slightly below average now.

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