Typhoon 200404 (CONSON) Typhoon Name = (CONSON) : A historical place [Viet Nam]


Today, a typhoon information aggregation site based on the trackback, "Eyes on the Typhoon" (eye.tc), was experimentally opened. Initial errors may still be found, but I especially wish to receive trackbacks of on-the-spot reports from webloggers. Please refer to the link above for information on making a trackback.


Typhoon CONSON virtually traveled up through Okinawa Prefecture, starting from Ishigaki Island to Miyako Island, and Okinawa Main Island. This is not a big typhoon, but from meteorological observations in Okinawa, this typhoon brings heavier rain and winds than appearance.


Typhoon CONSON passed through Bashi Channel, and moves toward Yaeyama Area. This area sometimes had very heavy rainfall this afternoon, and the forecast says that the typhoon may come very close to this area.


Typhoon CONSON is still moving northeastward, and there is a possibility of the typhoon to draw near to Sakishima Islands. It passed through Bashi Channel without making landfall on Taiwan.


Typhoon CONSON is moving northward on Luzon Strait, but its forcast is divided into two courses; it may either keep moving northward to Taiwan, or turn westward into South China Sea. The eye became visible in the night, which suggests that the typhoon is more well-developed than estimated before, but generally speaking, the typhoon eye tends to be more visible during the night. Warnings for torrential rain will be raised in Taiwan.


Typhoon CONSON was born in the west of the Philippines, and forecast to draw near on Taiwan.


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