Typhoon 200714 (LEKIMA) Typhoon Name = (LEKIMA) : A kind of tree whose fruit has only one seed surrounded by yellow pulp which looks like yolk [Viet Nam]

2007-10-08 19:15 JST

Typhoon LEKIMA killed 61 people and other 15 people are still missing in Vietnam. Some said that the flood caused by this typhoon was worst in these 45 years in Vietnam's mountainous north, and traffic is interrupted in many places due to floods and landslides.

2007-10-03 21:00 JST

Typhoon LEKIMA is expected to make landfall at central Vietnam to northern Vietnam. To prepare for the landfall, the mass evacuation of up to 500,000 people has started in Vietnam.

2007-10-01 12:30 JST

Typhoon LEKIMA's cloud pattern was not well balanced at the time of its birth, but it is gradually getting organized with large clouds at the center, and seems to start an intensification period. The forecast track of the typhoon has been changing to the west because the typhoon did not turn north as expected, so the most affected area is going to be Vietnam, which is a little different from the initial forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency.

2007-09-30 11:00 JST

Typhoon LEKIMA was formed in South China Sea. This typhoon has the 30kt wind area with the radius of 850km, which is classified as a very large typhoon. This classification is relatively unusual for a typhoon just formed, and different from a typical typhoon which has strong winds just around the center. This typhoon is forecast to turn northwards to China, so attention should be paid on the evolution of this typhoon.

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