Typhoon 200607 (MARIA) Typhoon Name = (MARIA) : Chamorro woman's name [USA]

2006-08-09 18:00 JST

1200 UTC
1200 UTC
1200 UTC
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Japan Meteorological Agency: Typhoon track forecast Japan Meteorological Agency: Typhoon track forecast Japan Meteorological Agency: Typhoon track forecast Japan Meteorological Agency: Typhoon track forecast
Typhoon MARIA passed by Boso Peninsula and is moving away eastward in the Pacific. The above figures show the typhoon track forecast on the website of Japan Meteorological Agency each day between August 5 and 8. The forecast circle was initially located around Amami Oshima Island, but the circle is moving eastward as the new forecast is issued, and finally yesterday, it was predicted that the typhoon will move along Honshu. Generally speaking, the forecast of typhoons in summer is difficult, but in addition, it is also possible that this time three typhoons have influenced each other. Figures above suggest that the forecast of Typhoon MARIA was extremely difficult.

2006-08-09 07:30 JST

Typhoon MARIA has turned toward east and is moving along Honshu with a slow speed. The core does not have so much rainy clouds, and the strongest rainy clouds are now covering Kanto Region.

2006-08-08 07:30 JST

Typhoon MARIA is gradually moving away from Typhoon SAOMAI and is forecast to turn north and east. The typhoon is showing complex movement before making landfall. The typhoon is now in a weakening process, but strong rainy clouds have appeared in the north-east quadrant, and they are now entering into Shizuoka Prefecture, Izu Islands and Kanto Region.

2006-08-07 22:30 JST

Typhoon MARIA is now changing its track toward north. The most likely point of landfall was Shikoku this morning, but now somewhere between Kii Peninsula and Tokai Region, so the forecast track is more and more toward east. This change of track may be due to interference between typhoons.

2006-08-07 05:30 JST

The forecast track of Typhoon MARIA is getting more toward north, so the probability of making landfall is rising at Shikoku, or somewhere between Kyushu and Honshu.

2006-08-06 17:15 JST

Typhoon MARIA shows stronger spiral today, which indicates steady intensification. Because of the birth of Typhoon BOPHA, three typhoons are now active in the Pacific, and the typhoon forecast is getting more difficult.

2006-08-06 01:30 JST

Typhoon MARIA was formed near Ogasawara Islands. This typhoon is yet to be intensified strongly, but the forecasts say that it will draw near Chichi-jima as early as the next morning, so Ogasawara Islands may be affected by this typhoon soon.


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