Typhoon 200622 (UTOR) Typhoon Name = (UTOR) : Marshallese word for "squall line" [USA]

2006-12-12 23:00 JST

Typhoon UTOR seems to be a typhoon whose intensity prediction is bothersome. When it made landfall at the islands of Philippines, it showed a sudden intensification where usually typhoons got weakened, while it weakened after entering into South China Sea where usually typhoons start intensification again, and it started intensification again in the middle of South China Sea after a steady weakening process; thus this typhoon repeated intensification and weakening processes a few times. The trend of these changes were roughly predicted, but the timing and the magnitude of these changes were difficult to predict accurately.

2006-12-09 10:30 JST

Typhoon UTOR is approaching Philippines with a moderate rate of intensification, and is expected to make landfall soon at either Samar Island or Leyte Island, and then move closer to Cebu Island. The intensity of this typhoon is weaker than the previous three typhoons, but it is still in the intensification stage, so the high level of precautions is required. It is good news, however, that the typhoon will move the track far away from the south of Luzon Island, where Mt. Mayon is located.

2006-12-08 08:15 JST

Typhoon UTOR was formed in east of Philippines. According to the forecasts, this typhoon is again expected to make landfall at Philippines, following the most recent three typhoons. This typhoon is now moving more south to Typhoon DURIAN, but it may affect the slope of Mt. Mayon where devastating disasters occurred by Typhoon DURIAN. Another concern is "Devil's Sea," east of Philippines, in which recently three typhoons in a row showed rapid intensification, so we should pay attention to the intensification of this typhoon.

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