Typhoon 200617 (RUMBIA) Typhoon Name = (RUMBIA) : A palm tree that yields sago [Malaysia]

2006-10-05 07:45 JST

Typhoon RUMBIA is "large" in size, which means that it is large as the vortex of winds and strong winds are blowing in remote areas from the center, but as the cloud system it is sparse. It used to have clouds mainly in the eastern side, but now it is getting to have developing clouds in the south to the center. But it will move northward without having enough time to intensify.

2006-10-03 23:00 JST

Typhoon RUMBIA was born near Minami Torishima. This is a typhoon evolved from the tropical depression I mentioned at Typhoon BEBINCA as a tropical depression at the eastern edge. This year we had a similar pattern for Typhoon WUKONG and Typhoon SONAMU, and those two typhoons resulted in an ending that Typhoon SONAMU was absorbed into Typhoon WUKONG. The ending of this case is still unknown.


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