Typhoon 200707 (WUTIP) Typhoon Name = (WUTIP) : Butterfly [Macao]

2007-08-08 20:00 JST

Typhoon WUTIP is expanding its cloud regions. Checking on Google Earth, distance to Typhoon PABUK is as close as about 700km, and the typhoon is expending its cloud regions to the west, so on infrared imagery it looks as if Typhoon WUTIP is swallowing Typhoon PABUK (the visible imagery below does not look so close each other, though).

2007-08-08 10:45 JST

Typhoon WUTIP was formed in south of Okinawa. This typhoon is born following the previous Typhoon PABUK, and two typhoons are very close each other. The forecast by JMA says that this moves more toward north than Typhoon PABUK, so the typhoon is expected to affect Sakishima Islands.

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