Typhoon 200501 (KULAP) Typhoon Name = (KULAP) : Rose [Thailand]


Typhoon KULAP is overwhelmed by the cold air flowing from Siberia through Japan to the Pacific Ocean, and pushed to move toward northeast. Cell clouds present to the north and northwest of the typhoon correspond to the flow of cold air, and further to the north there is a well-developed extratropical cyclone.


Some people seem to be surprised by the genesis of a typhoon in January, but in reality the genesis itself is not so rare in this time of year. That is, if you search typhoons that formed in January using Search by Date / Season, and then "view a histogram for the year of birth", then you realize that there are 22 years out of 55 years (1951-2005) that we recorded typhoon genesis in January. This amounts to 40%, which cannot be said as rare events. And if we remember what a typhoon season means as referred in the yesterday's entry, a comparison such as "the birth of typhoon No.1 is three months earlier than the last year" is not really meaningful. In other words, the fact of "three months earlier" does not suggest any other important implications. By the way, we had planned shutdown of power supply today, so we failed to archive some data from the source.


The first typhoon of 2005 typhoon season, Typhoon KULAP, was born in Caroline Islands. It may give some effect on Guam and Northern Mariana Islands, but it is expected to give no effect on Japan.

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