Typhoon 200619 (CIMARON) Typhoon Name = (CIMARON) : Philippine wild ox [Philippines]

2006-11-03 14:00 JST

Typhoon CIMARON once turned north, and then turned down to south, and came back to the neighborhood where it was located about three days ago. The typhoon weakened during this wandering trip, and is going to die soon in the South China Sea.

2006-11-01 20:30 JST

Typhoon CIMARON passed across Luzon Island, Philippines, and left the damage of 19 dead and 15 missing. Considering the intensity of the typhoon, however, it can be said that the human damage was close to minimal. Typhoon was then expected to move west in the South China Sea toward Vietnam, but in fact, it slowed down to stationary after entering into South China Sea, and the future track became highly uncertain.And the typhoon is also showing the trend of reintensification. Typhoon CHANCHU of this year also made a sharp turn near here, so will this typhoon also make a turn toward north to the southern coast of China? This is uncertain at this moment, but in any case, it is hoped that lessons learned from the massive shipwreck of fishing boats in South China Sea during the previous typhoon will be used for the evacuation procedure this time.

2006-10-29 20:00 JST

Typhoon CIMARON has been a very powerful storm, and is going to make landfall at the northern part of Luzon Island. This may be a suprise attack for Philippines. To begin with, a typhoon that intensifies 75hPa in just 24 hours is rare, and even on yesterday the typhoon was an ordinary typhoon, so it is a serious situation if they are prepared as expected yesterday. Just before the landfall of the most intense typhoon of this season with the small pin-hole eye, the eastern and the northern part of Luzon Island is now in danger.

2006-10-29 11:00 JST

Typhoon CIMARON's central pressure was 985hPa at 0000 UTC yesterday, but it is 920hPa at 0000 UTC today, which means the typhoon showed the rapid intensification of 65hPa in one day (75hPa when compared at 0300 UTC). The typhoon may make landfall at the northern part of Luzon Island tomorrow, and a typhoon of this strong intensity will be dangerous for Philippines.

2006-10-27 16:15 JST

Typhoon CIMARON was born in east of Philippines. It is forecast to move westward toward Luzon Island, Philippines.

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