Typhoon 201601 (NEPARTAK) Typhoon Name = (NEPARTAK) : Famous Kosrae warrior [Micronesia]

2016-07-03 10:45 JST

Typhoon NEPARTAK was formed in Caroline Islands. It is forecast to move northwest. Typhoon number 1 is the first typhoon in a typhoon season. According to the statistics since 1951, we had only two seasons that we saw Typhoon number 1 in July, namely 1998 and 1973. This is the third season, and the formation of the first typhoon is the second latest record after 1998. In fact, achievement of another great record was approaching, namely the longest record of typhoon inactive period. We haven't seen any typhoons for more than six months, and this empty period nearly surpasses the longest record since 1951, but the period was broken today by 4776 hours (199 days), which is equal to the first record. In any case, we have seen an irregular activity so far.

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