Typhoon 200415 (MEGI) Typhoon Name = (MEGI) : Catfish [South Korea]


Typhoon MEGI made landfall at Aomori Prefecture, and then became an extratropical cyclone off the east coast of Hokkaido. In Tohoku province, strong winds are especially destructive that lead to extensive blackout and the falling of fruits.


Typhoon MEGI has passed between the southern part of Korea and the northern part of Kyushu, and is moving on Japan Sea at a relatively high speed. Heavy rainfall already caused disasters especially in the northern part of Shikoku, where rainfall is relatively small. Several people were also killed in Korea due to the heavy rain. It is forecast to approach to Tohoku and Hokkaido early tomorrow, and precautions against both rain and wind need to be taken because of its relatively high speed with maintaining its intensity.


Typhoon MEGI is approaching to Korea. Rainy clouds extending to north and south may bring heavy rain on the wide range of areas. The area of strong winds is also extending.


Typhoon MEGI is moving rapidly at 40km/h and as early as this evening it will pass in west of Okinawa Island. It is forecast to move over East China Sea, approach to Korea, and move on to Japan Sea. Due to the effect of the typhoon (?), it is already raining heavily in Kyushu and Shikoku.


Typhoon MEGI was born in east of Philippines. It is forecast to move almost on the same track with Typhoon RANANIM, which passed over Sakishima Islands and later gave a significant impact on Zhejiang Provice of China.


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