Typhoon 200521 (KAI-TAK) Typhoon Name = (KAI-TAK) : Name of the old airport [Hong Kong]


Typhoon KAI-TAK has already weakened, and is moving along the coast of central Vietnam almost making landfall. Areas such as Hue and Danang was severely affected by the typhoon, and it is reported that about 10 people were killed by the typhoon at this moment. By the way, in Vietnam, this typhoon is called "Storm No.8," which is another numbering system different from the international typhoon number.


Typhoon KAI-TAK has intensified into a relatively strong typhoon in this area. And it changed its movement to more torward northwest, so the precautions should be taken between the central and the northern Vietnam.


Typhoon KAI-TAK was born in South China Sea. The typhoon is going to move toward the central and the southern Vietnam.


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