Typhoon 200620 (CHEBI) Typhoon Name = (CHEBI) : Swallow [South Korea]

2006-11-11 12:15 JST

Typhoon CHEBI has shown rapid intensification of 60hPa in 9 hours since 0300 UTC on 10 Nov (by real-time observation). The central pressure reached 925hPa, and made landfall on the east coast of Luzon Island, Philippines. This progress is similar to the previous typhoon, Typhoon CIMARON, but the track of this time is a little closer to populated areas, so the amount of rainfall in these areas may make a difference in the degree of damage.

2006-11-09 22:15 JST

Typhoon CHEBI was formed in east of Philippines. This typhoon is moving westward and will keep that direction to make landfall at Philippines. Last month Typhoon CIMARON showed very rapid intensification around here, but the current forecast says that the typhoon will deepen just mildly.

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