1. Typhoon News Weblog 2018

"Typhoon News Weblog" is a specialized blog that aims to summarize various typhoon-related information such as narattives, meteorological references such as satellite images, links to other web sites, and the meaning of typhoon names. At the same time, automatic summarization of mass media news are also provided at Typhoon News Topics. And meteorological satellite images introduced in the weblog are listed in Typhoon Wallpaper Images.

Typhoon 201806 (GAEMI) 2018-06-15
Typhoon GAEMI was formed in Taiwan. It will strike Sakishima Islands today, and will move east toward Okinawa Main Islands and Amami. Because rain clouds extend from west to east, alerts on heavy rai...[More..]
Typhoon 201805 (MALIKSI) 2018-06-08
Typhoon MALIKSI was formed in east of Philippines. It is forecast to reach south of Honshu with intensification, and is expected to pass near Daito Islands. [More..]
Typhoon 201804 (EWINIAR) 2018-06-06
Typhoon EWINIAR was formed in South China Sea. It will soon make landfall on mainland China and will be a short-lived typhoon. [More..]
Typhoon 201803 (JELAWAT) 2018-03-25
Typhoon JELAWAT was formed in Caroline Islands. It is forecast to turn its motion from west to north, and to east. [More..]
Typhoon 201802 (SANBA) 2018-2-11
Typhoon SANBA was formed in Caroline Island. It is forecast to move west to reach Mindanao Island in Philippines. By the way, the formation of typhoons in this season is very rare. Gap periods of the...[More..]
Typhoon 201801 (BOLAVEN) 2018-1-3
Typhoon BOLAVEN was formed in South China Sea. It is forecast to move to southern Vietnam. If you search the list of typhoons that were formed through January 3rd, this is the fifth typhoon in the ob...[More..]