Digital Typhoon: Access Analytics was released.


Images and Movies of Himawari-8 - Third-Generation Weather Satellite (High Frequency Observation of a Typhoon) was released.


Images and Movies of Himawari-8 - Third-Generation Weather Satellite was released.


Digital Typhoon: Weather Disaster Database previously focused on weather anomalies and disasters related to typhoons and tropical depressions, or heavy rains and strong winds, but now no filtering rules for the case. Due to thie change, the number of records increased from 15532 to 23463. In addition, Raking of Maximum Snow Depth for AMeDAS stations was released.


Digital Typhoon TV was started. Currently the main content is the result of Big Data Workshop of Great East Japan Earthquake.


Digital Typhoon: Facebook Version was released.


Digital Typhoon best track data is updated for the 2011 season in the Western North Pacific.


Futtekitter (Snow or Rain) was released (only in Japanese).


GeoNLP Project page has started.


Typhoon Track Forecast started to provide similar typhoons considering analysis and forecast.


AMeDAS Wind Maps was released, and AMeDAS Precipitation Ranking was also updated.


The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake was released.


Typhoon Landfall and Passage Database (Japan) was released.


Digital Typhoon: Weather Disaster Database has included records for 2009, and corrections for past records were also applied.


Digital Typhoon best track data is updated for the 2010 season in the Western North Pacific.


2011 Mt. Kirishima (Shinmoe-dake) Eruption and Radar / Satellite Images was started.


Bidirectional links between Weather Disaster Database and AMeDAS Statistics was enhanced.


Digital Typhoon has been not operational after midnight to the afternoon of October 10.


Digital Typhoon has been partially not operational from 0600 JST, October 3 to the afternoon of October 6 due to disk failures. It took longer than normal to be recovered, but now it gets back to normal operation.


Weather Disaster Database, AMeDAS Heavy Rain and Clustering of AMeDAS Heavy Rain Cases are indirectly linked bidirectionally.


Digital Typhoon´╝Ü Typhoon Track Forecast was released.


Digital Typhoon shows typhoon track data with storm wind circles on Google Maps (V3).


At the same time with switchover from Himawari 6 to Himawari 7, erros in the past data about satellite name was updated from Himawari 6 to Himawari 7. This resulted in the change of URL for some data.


Digital Typhoon: Weather Disaster Database has included reports related to strong winds, and fixed a few bugs.


Digital Typhoon: News Topics has the temporal view.


Digital Typhoon best track data is updated for the 2009 season in the Western North Pacific. We also started the real-time update of Radar images.


Digital Typhoon: Access Ranking was released.


Digital Typhoon: Radar AMeDAS Archive now has animation between 2006 and 2008.


Digital Typhoon: Google Earth Version started to provide satellite images of the past.


Weather Disaster Database was updated to include the data of year 2008, and the database was improved on the points received at feedback (not complete).


Digital Typhoon has some corrupted data now. This is due to the expiration of a software license, but the system is now in a recovery process, so please wait for a while.


Digital Typhoon: News Topics changed the algorithm to exclude the titles of related articles from the body. As a result, the number of articles and the number of index terms was reduced about 200 and 1000 respectively, and the number of articles by typhoons and areas was also reduced, but this change improved the result of analysis.


Twiphoon is released.


Isewan Typhoon Storm Tide Database and Vertical Typhoon are officially released.


Digital Typhoon: Applications is released.


Digital Typhoon: Archive of Composite Animations of Satellite and AMeDAS is released. In addition, Regional Magnified Images (including Northern Indian Ocean) now have the archive of animations dating back to 1978.


Digital Typhoon: AMeDAS Statistics is updated to the 2008 version.


Digital Typhoon released the wind information of best track dataset, which has received many requrests from users. Individual typhoon now has a "wind information" page that summarizes storm wind and gale wind areas, and best track animations also have illustration of storm wind and gale wind areas. The top page also has a link to the summary of wind information of all typhoons since 1977, when the detailed wind information is added to the best track.


Digital Typhoon: Radar Animations were extended with data from 2004 through 2008. Radar animations were also added from 2004 through 2008 for typhoons that drew near to Japan.


In Typhoon Memories, we put a report on the event at Miraikan (March 29, 2009)


Vertical Earth and GPV Navigator are renewed.


In Digital Silk Road Project, Database for Buddhist Cave Temples in China is released.


In Digital Silk Road Project, 3D Digital Archives - Virtual Reality, Virtual Worlds, and Google Earth is released.


Digital Typhoon : AMeDAS Latest Images is released, and DSR Outreach is also released.


Digital Typhoon : History of the Project is released.


Digital Typhoon (For Digital Photo Frames) and Media RSS Feed are released.


Typhoon Memories is released (in Japanese).


Digital Typhoon best track data is updated for the 2008 season in the Western North Pacific.


On the 5th anniversary of Bam earthquake, Bam3DCG is released, in addition to the existing website, Citadel of Bam, Iran.


Digital Typhoon started to provide cyclone data around Australia through the 2006-2007 cyclone season, while some historical cyclone data were removed. In addition, Activity Calendar (Number of Typhoons and Cyclones) was released upon the request from users, and the service called Typhoon Calendar is now changed to Typhoon Timeline. Finally, Comments and Questions page was dividied due to the recent increase of questions.


Daily precipitation (JST) and daily precipitation (UTC) was added to Digital Typhoon: AMeDAS Heavy Rain.


Digital Typhoon: Clustering of AMeDAS Heavy Rain Cases was released.


Seiyou Status : Real-time Information Sharing for the Participatory Monitoring of Invasive Spacies (Bumblebee) was released.


Digital Typhoon has been stopped its update for three days from October 24 to October 27. This is due to an unlucky coincidence of my business trip and hardware failure. I could not repsond to the trouble instantly and I am sorry for any inconvenience.


Digital Maps of Old Beijing is released.


A widget (blogparts) Typhoon Visual Report is released.


Digital Typhoon: AMeDAS Statistics is updated to the 2007 version. At the same time, we improved the functionality of AMeDAS chart drawing so that you can visualize real-time data at AMeRAS and historical data at AMeDAS Heavy Rain. In addition, we fixed various bugs related to AMeDAS, such as a bug in AMeDAS Heavy Rain that all observation times were one hour before the true time, and another AMeRAS bug that the historical ranking showed a little smaller ranking since April 2008.


We started an experimental service Digital Typhoon on Twitter.


Digital Typhoon extended the archive of meteorological satellite images, and added data of the 1979 typhoon season (detail).


Digital Typhoon best track data is updated for the 2007 season in the Western North Pacific.


Digital Typhoon now displays typhoon intensity indices (list).


AMeDAS Precipitation Ranking on Google Maps now displays cloud imagery from the geostationary meteorological satellite, "himawari."


Typhoon Front was selected as 'Recommended Work by the Review Committee' in 11th Japan Media Arts Festival (more information).


News Topics and News Weblog of Digital Typhoon now shows related articles and categories.


AMeDAS Precipitation Ranking (on Google Maps) is released. And we added a search from AMeDAS heavy rain on the weather disaster database.


Weather Disaster Database was updated to include the data of year 2006, and the database was also expanded to include not only typhoon (tropical depression) disasters but also heavy rainfall disasters.


Typhoon Front 2 was released (more information). The previous version "Typhoon Front 1" is still accessible at archives.


Digital Silk Road released Senga Silk Road and Photographs of Past and Present.


Digital Typhoon AMeDAS Heavy Rain was renewed, and AMeDAS Event Detection was started.


Digital Typhoon AMeRAS was preliminary opened.


Digital Typhoon restarted the service of visible imagery after a stop of nearly two years since July 14, 2005. These data are provided from Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, and Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo.


Dictionpedia Website is opened. This site is distributing a tool for creating dictionaries, and a tool for synchronizing with MediaWiki to publish dictionaries.


Vertical Earth Website was renewed.


AMeDAS Statistics and other AMeDAS data were updated with the data of 2006.


Digital Typhoon: News Topics has now the thread view. We will continuously make improvements on this method.


Digital Typhoon: News Topics has improved its named entity recognition algorithm to realize a higher recognition rate of the birth year of typhoons. This algorithm still producesmany recognition erros, however, so we will keep working on the improvement of the algorithm.


Digital Typhoon best track data is updated for the 2006 season in the Western North Pacific, and the 2005 season in Australia. In addition, a bug in temperature data is fixed at AMeDAS Statistics and a few new functions are added.


Full-Text Search has been stopped for more than a year, but restarted again today after removing bugs.


We started to provide an OpenSearch Plugin for Digital Typhoon.


Digital Typhoon has a new page Comments and Questions.


The ongoing troubles of Digital Typhoon due to excessive accesses may be almost solved by measures we took today. Probably...


For these few days, Digital Typhoon stopped several times due to the large amount of accesses, so I executed an emergency action to reduce the load of servers. This does not solve the problem completely, but I hope this reduces the inconvenience of users.


Digital Typhoon exceeded the page view of 10 million at the top page (since July 2003). The page view of the site in the same period is about 37.76 million (excluding internal accesses and erros, but not excluding robots).


Digital Typhoon is now capable of showing "similar typhoons" by tracks and so on, which is one of the top item of the wish list from other people. This was already possible with offline, but now I made it available on the website although its functionality is still incomplete.


I did a press release about the addition of data into Digital Typhoon (for 1981-1995) and the opening of a new site Typhoon Front.


AMeDAS Statistics and other AMeDAS data were updated with the data of 2005.


We started to provide an Atom 1.0 feed for Digital Typhoon. We are planning to put more effort on Atom than RSS.


We updated the best track data of 2005 typhoons for Digital Typhoon.


Digital Typhoon: Weather Disaster Database opened tentatively. There remain some parts yet to be completed, and some data are still incorrect.


In Digital Typhoon, the southern hemisphere dataset is updated between 2002 and 2004.


Pages of KITAMOTO Laboratory, and education were updated or added.


In Digital Typhoon, we added the archive of radar animations, and AMeDAS statistics was enhanced with statistics by the moon age.


In Digital Typhoon, we found that there is an unbelievable mistake in the database; that is, Typhoon No. 24, No. 25, No. 26 of 2001 have been missing since the beginning. We sometimes felt that something may be wrong with the database, but we have not looked into the problem. The data is now provided on the site.


The server went down due to the huge amount of traffic. The trouble happened on Sunday night, so it took a little long time to recover. I also applied some small ideas for improving the performance.


Digital Typhoon: for Google Earth is experimentally started. We are planning to extend the system to other types of browsers.


Digital Typhoon: Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Image Around Japan is added. Meteorological satellite images of the globe have been provided on this site, but images on this page is much better for viewing the detail of satellite images around Japan.


Digital Typhoon: For iPod has started.


AMeDAS Statistics and other AMeDAS data were updated with the data of 2004.


The meteorological satellite imagery of Digital Typhoon is changed from GOES-9 to Himawari-6 (MTSAT-1R) (detail).


The preliminary opening of Digital Typhoon: Typhoon Disaster Database.


Due to network failure (?), we detected troubles for database searches since this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we will try our best for quick recovery.


I apologize for the frequent stop of the database server recently. As an emergency measure, I stopped services which are known to cause problems.


Digital Silk Roads is renewed, and Silk Roads Recorded in Rare Books is started.


Digital Typhoon: AMeDAS Statistics is started.


We updated the best track data of 2004 typhoons for Digital Typhoon.


I would like to express my condolences to the victims of 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and subsequent tsunamis, and for the monitoring of weather hazards in this area, I started a special page, Meteorological Satellite Images of the Northern Indian Ocean.


Full Text Search, which has been dead for a long period, is now completely renovated with a new tool.


Fixed point observation images by a live camera (a machinery eye) fixed on the ground are now available at Eyes on the Typhoon.


Database part of this web site has been stopped for more than half day due to the trouble of the system. Now it is recovered.


Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books is updated.


We found a bug in Digital Typhoon: News Topics and important keywords were not appropriately selected. Now important keywords unique to each typhoon are more likely to be selected.


The web site was difficult to access due to the approaching of a typhoon, but it seems the speed improved noticeably by simply changing the configuration file of the web server. By the way, the site page view of Digital Typhoon exceeded 10 million in total.


The web server is enhanced and became more powerful. For the time being, you may experience inconvenience due to the change of the system.


Digital Typhoon Kids (in Japanese) was opened. And today, the page view of Digital Typhoon (top page) exceeded a million view. To reach this number (excluding internal accesses), it took one year and one month after the full opening of the site on July 2003. For your information, the page view of the site is about 3.4 million, and the number of accesses to satellite images and others is about 7.25 million. Thank you so much for your continuous support for our site.


Due to a disk crash, some data seem to be disappeared. Perhaps most of the data can be recovered, but some data may not be seen for a while.


A typhoon information aggregation site, "Eyes on the Typhoon" (eye.tc) was experimentally opened. This site aims at aggregating typhoon information using the trackback.


Archive of AMeDAS Animations is updated including the AMeDAS data for 2003. By the way, this is not the problem for this particular archive, but these days the WMV encoder does not work well due to unknown reasons, so now we can create only MPEG-2 motion pictures.


"Toyo Bunko" Image and Manuscript Database is now open to the public. This is a project as the best practice of the digital archive research.


We started the page Digital Typhoon (For Mobile Phone). The URL of "/i/" suggests that this site is designed for i-mode, but actually this site can be viewed by (some models of) EZweb and Vodafone Live!


We updated the best track data of 2003 typhoons for Digital Typhoon.


We added new pages "Digital Typhoon: Meteorological Phenomena: Heavy Snow."


In response to the destruction of the Citadel and the town of Bam by the Iranian earthquake on December 2003, we started the web site Citadel of Bam, Iran: Keeping Memories to Get over the Earthquake.


We started the Web site for the Digital Silk Roads Project.


On Digital Typhoon, we recently observe troubles in the program for drawing typhoon track maps. We are working for fixing these problems, but we may still see some troubles.


Due to the trouble of network facility again, this web site cannot be accessed from Oct. 13 06:00 to Oct. 14 10:20.


Due to the trouble of network facility, this web site cannot be accessed from 13:00 yesterday to 9:00 today. We either cannot obtain typhoon information during the same period, so the data of Typhoon KOPPU is partially corrupted. The fix of this data will be done in the next year.


We are now fixing the bug that the aspect ratio of MPEG-2 animations is not displayed correctly in Digital Typhoon. We will see all animations displayed correctly in a few days.


We have seen the occasional stop of some service for a few hours in Digital Typhoon, so we took measures to this trouble.


We started to provide an RSS (RDF Site Summary) 1.0 channel for Digital Typhoon. New items are added upon the birth of new typhoons, so the channel can be used for checking the presence of typhoon. The URL of the RSS is http://agora.ex.nii.ac.jp/digital-typhoon/rss/en.rdf.


We increased the contents of "Digital Typhoon: Help." We are planning to further increase help items.


We added a new page "Heavy Rain in July 2003."


We added new pages "Heavy Rain."


We added new pages "Meteoinformatics."


We added new pages "Digital Archive."


The geostationary meteorological satellite data for "Digital Typhoon" was switched over to GOES-9 from GMS-5. The initial failure of the system may occur for a while.


We added new pages "XML."


We updated the data of 2002 typhoons for Digital Typhoon.


The "Digital Typhoon" website is renewed.


Most of the pages are updated.


The sitemap is now available. The design of the top page Digital Typhoon is changed.


A minor change on the design. Addition of a few pages about research.


Update the contents of Typhoon pages.


Two papers are added into the list of publications. Updates for several other pages.


Bug fixes and updates for Digital Typhoon, and several updates for other pages.


The new site "agora.ex.nii.ac.jp" was released.


The domain name of the new site was fixed to "agora.ex.nii.ac.jp." However, it took another one year to reopen the Web site.


The old site "savarin.rd.nacsis.ac.jp" was shut down due to the change of the network policy.


This is the oldest timestamp among remaining website-related files. Maybe this is the period that I first made a web page, but it is unclear due to the lack of reliable records. The first page was released at www.tkl.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp.