Typhoon 200812 (NURI) Typhoon Name = (NURI) : Blue crowned parroquet in the Malay language [Malaysia]

2008-08-20 20:00 JST

Typhoon NURI is passing just off the northern tip of Luzon Island, Philippines, and its direction is changing from west to north. This typhoon has thick clouds mainly in the south, so it seems the northern Luzon is now suffering from heavy rains. The eye of the typhoon is visible, but its boundary is still vague. This typhoon finally did not make landfall at Luzon, and move through Luzon Strait, so it is getting more likely that it makes landfall between the east of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong without weakening.

2008-08-18 10:45 JST

Typhoon NURI was formed in east of Philippines. This typhoon is forecast to move westward for some time to reach south of Okinawa and Taiwan. Intensification to a strong typhoon is also predicted.

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