Typhoon 201211 (HAIKUI) Typhoon Name = (HAIKUI) : A kind of submarine animal whose appearance likes sunflower [China]

2012-08-03 10:30 JST

Typhoon HAIKUI was formed near Ogasawara Islands. This typhoon has a large extent of clouds, and hence the center of the typhoon is still unclear, but it is likely to intensify after the clouds become well organized. At the time of formation, the central pressure is 992hPa with the maximum wind of 18m/s, and this indicates that isobars near the center are not dense in spite of relatively low pressure at the formation. The pace of typhoon formation is increasing these days, and eleven typhoons as of August 3 is the largest since 2002, when we had tweleve typhoons as of August 3. We can find other eggs of typhoons in the Pacific ocean, so the pace may be going to be high for the time being. However, the year 2002 has seen 26 typhoons in the end, which is close to the average number of formation, so we cannot say if we are going to have more typhoons this year in the end. Moreover, we now have three typhoons at the same time, but according to Activity Calendar, the last time we had three typhoons was 2010, indicating that this is not a rare event.

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